For A Healthy Life

How To Lead a Healthier Life With the Help of an Air Cleaner

fresh airThere are many sizes of Air Cleaners for purchase. Select a room-sized model for your first purchase. Use it in the bedroom or study where you can experience the healthful effects of the machine. Plan on buying another unit very soon but see if this model meets your requirements. Is the machine too loud, does it produce too much heat, is it to hard to maintain. The perfect air cleaner needs to be easy to operate and to maintain. From your experience, you’ll learn whether you need a bigger or even a smaller unit. Would a multi speed unit work better, does the unit fit in with your decor and not stand out like a sore thumb. Would a unit with a timer work better than a standard switchable model. Only experience will answer these questions satisfactorily.

Now that you are on your way to healthier lungs and a healthier home consider doing the following. Make sure that your vacuum cleaner has special EPA approved filters. The idea is to make your environment less toxic not to just move the poisons around. Throw away your feather duster, it like a poorly designed vacuum only moves the polluting dust motes from one place to another. There are special cleaning cloths available that attract and hold these motes on their surface until you wash them down the drain. If you have a smoker in the house, move him or her outside.

air purifier Stop using plastics, replace them with glass. Cut back on the use of harsh cleaning chemicals and laundry detergents. There is a health movement that recommends going back to vinegar and simple cleansers. Stop the use of room deodorizers. If your bathroom is large enough put an air cleaner there away from water and cut back on colognes and perfumes. This back to the nature movement has many advantages, and you will be guaranteed to feel better fast.

Buy any air cleaner for your first cleaner. Walmart has an online presence, and each product comes with reviews. Read the reviews and make the commitment. Start small and plan on buying at least another air cleaner in the near future.
You are what you eat and what you breathe. Do not delay. Your family will applaud you for your efforts.