Making Life Breathable

air purifierIt is true that you are what you eat. But your health is determined by the air you breathe. And breathing today has become more dangerous. Pollutants are everywhere; smoke can come from wildfires burning in California to pollute the mountain air of North Carolina. Cars, trucks, buses, boats, lawnmowers and airplanes burn fuel and produce energy but give off dangerous fluorocarbons and other sometimes odorless but dangerous contaminants.

Some people seek refuge inside their homes and shut doors and windows, but harmful gasses are decomposing from plastic products inside the home. Drywall, used in most homes, has trace amounts of radioactive Uranium. Pets and plants offer more contaminants for all breathing beings. That’s why you should be searching for the best air purifier for pets.

Vacuum cleaners often clean floors but moves particulates from the floor into the air. Dusting doesn’t clean; it only moves the dust motes from one location to another. These dust motes are some of the worse contaminants we breathers have to deal with. Scientists examine motes and discover bacteria, allergens, and viruses among the list of airborne particles.

There is a problem, but there is a solution. The key to cleaner, breathable air in the home can be achieved with the use of an air cleaner. These electrically powered machines filter the air for use and render the air much closer to pure. They work by forcing contaminated air through a series of filters. The better filters use a complex multi-filter arrangement to move air through the air cleaner making it much healthier to breathe. Most of these air cleaners handle a sufficient amount of air to clean one room. Advocates of clean air may keep a bedroom air cleaner going all the time, but use other air cleaners sporadically for the kitchen, dining, and living areas of the home. There are two downsides to air cleaners.

portable air purifierFirst, they must be cleaned and second because they use an electric current to power the motor to clean the air, they do give off a small amount of heat.
Air cleaners are being sold by specialists and are available online and in brick and mortar stores. Sharper Image and other avant-garde retailers saw the need for these products decades ago, but now Walmarts are handling air cleaners. These air cleaners have replaced the once popular de-humidifier which helped to remove moisture in the air making the air more breathable, but the pollution was still in the air that had passed through the dehumidifier.

An air cleaner is the stand alone machine for cleaning indoor air. These wondrous machines even work in areas outside, on porches, patios, and open air balconies. Be careful of using an electrical product in area which can become damp or wet. Simply place the air cleaner close to the area to be cleaned, switch on the machine and breathe easy.